Saturday, August 22, 2009

Produce list for 8/24

Lemon Cucumbers-Finley Farms
Ronde Nice Squash-South Central Organic Farms
Crimson Sweet Watermelon-South Central Organic Farms
Okra-South Central Organic Farms
October Sun Pluots-K and K Farms
Red Flame Grapes-K and K Farms
Red Onion-Finley Farms
Bi Colored Corn-Finley Farms
Big White Pink Striped Tomatoes (they are light yellow-go figure!)-Finley Farms
Red Burgandy Potatoes-Wieser Farms
Melon-Wieser Farms
Purple Cherokee Tomatoes-Finley Farms
Summer Broccoli-Finley Farms, this broccoli type is a heat stress and heat tolerant variety.
Arctic Pride White Nectarines


  1. What a great basket! Everything we've tried has been outstanding.

    We did get something that I hope you can help me identify. It's a small, round, yellow fruit of some sort. I can't figure out what it is and I don't see it on the list.


  2. i am so glad that you like everything! that fruit is an october sun pluot. enjoy!

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