Thursday, August 13, 2009

Your Weekly Produce List for 8/17/09

If any of you have tomatoes in your gardens let me know and i will put something else in your box instead.
Sungold Tomatoes-Tutti Frutti Organic Farms, these little babies are so sweet. I really like to slow roast them and add Kalamata olives and basil and a little olive oil and top a piece of fish with the mixture.
Poblano Chilis-Tutti Frutti Organic Farms-Donna(the chef at Auntie Em's) stuffs these with cooked cubed potatoes, goat cheese, chopped cilantro, egg, sauteed onions and garlic. Bakes them in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes, and tops them with toasted pepitas. We serve these at the restaurant.
Watermelons-South Central Organic-sweeter and sweeter each week. Better than a cupcake for dessert!
Armenian Cucumbers-South Central Organic Farms
Scallop Squash-South Central Organic Farms, perfect for the grill.
Yellow Zucchini-South Central Organic Farms
Black, Blue or Red Russian Kale-South Central Farms
Striped German Tomatoes, these tomatoes (in my opinion) are the most beautiful of all the heirloom varieties. Some of them in the baskets this week weigh a whole pound! They are giant, gold and red tomatoes.
Romaine Lettuce-Finley Farms
Raspberries or Strawberries-Finley Farms
Green Zebra Tomatoes-Finley Farms
Leeks-Finley Farms
Orange Sherbet Cantaloupe -Finley Farms
Oregano, Thyme Bundle-Finley Farms
Nante Carrots-Weiser Family Farms
Giant Pearl White Nectarines-K and K Farms, peak of the season
Dapple Dandy Pluots-K and K Farms
Fantasy Grapes-K and K Farms
Garlic-Weiser Family Farms

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