Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cage Free!

The Humane Society of the United States is delighted that Auntie Em’s Kitchen has joined the
growing list of restaurants that have ended their use of eggs from caged hens. Auntie Em’s
Kitchen has committed to higher standards of animal welfare by switching to all cage‐free eggs. 
This is good news, since most egg‐laying hens are crammed into cages so tiny, they can barely
move. By changing its egg purchasing to cage‐free, Auntie Em’s Kitchen has made an important
improvement in the lives of these animals.
Last November, Californians approved the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act (Prop 2),
which makes it a criminal offense (with a phase‐out period) to confine hens in battery cages,
pigs in gestation crates and calves in veal crates. Prop 2 was the most popular citizen initiative in
the state's history, with more than eight million Californians—63.5 percent of the electorate—
voting in favor of it. Californians spoke against battery cage confinement of laying hens on
Election Day, and conscientious California businesses such as Auntie Em’s Kitchen are
It was a pleasure to work with Auntie Em’s Kitchen on your cage‐free egg policy—one that will
make a meaningful difference in the lives of egg‐laying hens and place such a popular Los
Angeles company in the ranks of farm animal welfare leaders across our state. Thank you so
much for your efforts on behalf of egg laying hens. 
All the best,
Karin Olsson
Outreach Manager, Factory Farming Campaign 

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