Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Green Wedding by Auntie Em's Kitchen

"Mary and Stefan's wedding was a very artsy and fun affair and the couple, their family and guests were all wonderfully kind and fun people. The bride Mary has a background in managing a private art collection and the groom Stefan is a British song writer/musician/producer who has worked with Amy Winehouse, Estelle and others so I knew from the beginning that their wedding was going to rock! When Mary told me she had designed a dress with a large black and white striped bow on it, I was super excited and inspired. It was going to be a Halloween wedding and we wanted some of that theme in there but done in a modern, playful and creative way.

The caterer Auntie Em's was amazing! They made mini shepherd's pies and other British-inspired appetizers for the cocktail hour that made you want to make the cocktail hour food your dinner for a week straight. The food and the lush family-style buffet display that the owner Terri dreamed up were seriously to die for. As dancing begun, we passed out masks, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and other props for guests to have fun with. Auntie Em's displayed mini caramel apples and other delightful desserts alongside our Halloween candy bar. In place of a cake, Mary and Stefan cut cupcakes from the dessert bar topped with ballerina and pirate toys Mary found at a local knick knack store for 75 cents each!"

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