Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Importance of Food in Our Society

People are starting to realize the importance of food and its effects on our health and the environment. The industrialization of the food industry has largely occured over the past quarter century. The fast food industry did not used to rely on highly processed, chemical laden food until 25 years ago. Fast food is an industrial commodity. Fast food burgers and french fries are manufactured at plants and assembled by machines. It is all about profit, and nothing about what is good for your body or good for the environment. Its a business, and that is fine, but you need to be the judge if that food is what is right for you and your family. If fast food in the form that it is in now does not sell, companies will be forced to give you better food. You need to demand it. You need to not buy an unhealthful product. All these companies want to do is make money. Weather its selling chemically laden fake food, or organic, local seasonal food, they sell what you demand. Lets get back to peasant food. Food that is grown local, food that we grow in our backyards, food that we buy from local farms and artisanal food makers.

Use the new year as an excuse to try something new. Cure your own piece of meat, pickle veggies, make jam, cook one more meal at home a week. Give yourself and your family what they deserve. We can not afford to eat food that is sold only for profit with no thought or care about what is in it. Make a cheeseburger at home. Fresh ground meat, local cheese and local veggies. Eat a pear instead of a processed cookie. Make a beautiful vegetable soup that you can eat for a couple of days.

Believe me, with all of the drinking around the holidays, late nights, hangovers and general unhealthiness, I get off track too. But lets start the new year out focused again. Hikes in the park, a yoga class or two a week and back to good eating habits!

Happy 2010!

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