Friday, February 12, 2010

My New House My New Garden My New Chicken Coop

I have moved. From a giant house to a smaller house. It is such a better fit for me. I really felt like the house I moved from was too excessive. It was absolutely beautiful, but so huge. It felt lonely at times, and was too much to keep up.

My new place is a small house with a giant yard. Perfect. I got the place more for the yard than for the house. There are three separate yards. One will be for a chicken coop, one will be for raised beds. Two of the beds will have vegetables, and one will have flowers that I will use for the displays at the private catering parties and weddings. I have planted the seedlings, and am about ready to order the chicks. I am going to get 4 Araucanas. They lay blue eggs. The goat farm that we buy our eggs from for the produce baskets have Araucanas. They are up in the high dessert, which is colder than here in L.A. right now, so the chicken have not been laying eggs for a little while. We have been getting our eggs from a L.A. farm, but there chickens only lay brown eggs.

I will post pix of the garden and the chicks as they grow!

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  1. I was wondering about the eggs. I figured it was due to cold weather or a moult or something like that. I do miss those beautiful blue/green eggs. Good luck with your chicks!