Saturday, July 24, 2010

here chicky chicky

well, the chicks are finally chickens! they are the craziest, most beautiful chickens ever. they will start laying in about 2 months. we are so excited for the eggs. there is no comparison to store bought eggs. they are so much more rich. we are composting the manure. its like gold to a garden. we mix it with all of our vegetable and fruit kitchen scraps. they are totally vegetarian. they also eat an organic feed that we get from the feed store. they are very happy chickens. they coo all the time. harriet (the tall black one is so much taller than the others, that we thought she might be a he). but she is a she. the one thing they don't do is roost at night. there is a branch in their coop, but they would all rather huddle together in a big furry ball on the bottom of the coop. their favorite foods are bananas, tomatoes and all the little crawly bugs that roam around the compost pile. four of the five chickens have revealed blue ears. this dictates the color that their eggs will be. the 5th chicken has tan ears, so i think she will lay brownish eggs.
the flock
lucille-she is definitely the bitchy one of the bunch
harriet-she is so much bigger than the rest of the girls. but she doesn't seem to be the most bossy.
dotty-she is such a beauty!

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