Saturday, August 14, 2010

She Is A He

Harriet was always bigger than the other girls. She was the leader of the pack. She was bossy, bitchy and the first one to come up to us when we went into the run.  The other day she let out something that sounded like "woo woo". Chris ran into the house and said "did you here that? I think Harriet cock a doodle doo'd." "Really? Are you sure?" Sure enough, the next morning about 8:00 she let out a louder and more pronounced yell. Our initial thoughts were we would possibly keep "her" because she wasn't that loud, and it wasn't that early when she crowed. Through out the week the yells got earlier and louder! It was almost comical. She was definitely a he. I made phone calls to the farmers that we buy produce from to see if anybody was interested in a Bantam Silky rooster. Sure enough, Tutti Frutti Organic Farms knew a farm down the street from them that raised Bantams for their eggs. Harry got packed up into a box, taken to the farm and now lives happily ever after in a house full of hens.

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