Sunday, October 3, 2010

the larder

the end of summer/begining of fall is a great time to stock up your larder. there is such an overabundance of produce at the farmers markets for really good prices. you can pickle, preserve and freeze some of summers goodness for cold (ish) winter. pickling and preserving is a lost are, but its making a bit of a comeback. with so many backyard gardeners and home cooks it is becoming more popular. preserving and pickling your own fruits and vegetables gives you the opportunity to come up with your own flavor combinations. you can use a general pickling recipe, and make up your own combos.
here are some herb and vegetable combinations that work well.

eggplant and oregano
zucchini and mint
peppers and thyme
mushrooms and rosemary
cucumbers and red chili and garlic
tomatoes and basil
fennel and their tops
onions and thyme
green beans and bay leaves

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