Monday, October 25, 2010

produce list for 10/25/10

ambrosia melons
butternut squash
green onions
green oak lettuce
celery root
savoy spinach
red beets
emerald pluots
fuji apples
crimson grapes

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  1. Any other recipients of the produce delivery reading this? Wanna share ideas for using the basket?

    So I'm four weeks in-- it's a bit of a challenge to come up with ways to use everything, but we've definitely been eating better. And I feel like Im actually being creative in the kitchen, a place that was becoming a prison to me.

    So, here's a way to use a bunch of this week's ingredients: Borscht! As a slavophile, I love this purple beet soup.

    Here's what i did:
    microwaved the beets in pan with a little water, covered. Started with 8 minutes than went up from there until done. When cool,just wipe off the skins and julienne.
    I cooked a green onion, half a regular onion, some garlic in olive oil and butter. Added one of the potatoes, a carrot, a parsnip and the entire celery root (all cut up in bite size pieces).
    Added some chicken stock to cover and let it simmer for a while, til done. Added the beets, then added some water, some more chicken stock until ratio of liquid to stuff was ok for me.
    Then-- added some red wine vinegar to taste. Borscht needs to have that slight sweet and sour flavor to it.

    GArnish with black pepper, a little sliced raw garlic and, of course, sour cream and parsley!

    I am going to do a fennel, orange and cured black olive salad with olive oil and black pepper. Shaved Parm?

    With the lettuce greens and spinach and butternut I am going to do a salad with cold cooked cube squash, honey roasted walnuts and blue cheese or goat cheese. I've made it before with yam, but if the squash is sweet enuf I'm hoping it will be as good.