Monday, January 31, 2011

Produce List and Happy February

Hi Everyone!

Happy February!  We’ve decided to send out a flier this week to make sure that all of our customers are on the same page.  We understand that the baskets sometimes seem a bit light on produce, especially fruit in the winter, but there are a few difficulties that we run into when trying to provide the most bountiful baskets possible.  We only order seasonal produce from local farms.  This means that even if apples are in season, if the local farm we frequently buy from doesn’t have ripe apples for a week due to unforeseen weather, field or health conditions, we don’t have apples for a week.  We choose not to buy apples from other places, for example Washington state, because we think it goes against what we are trying to accomplish with our produce baskets.  Furthermore, winter produce is a bit more expensive because the selection and quantity are more limited and are susceptible to unpredictable winter weather and conditions.

What we’re trying to say is, don’t despair!  Spring is just around the corner and we will be filling the baskets with tender, lush vegetable and fruits in a month or two.

Here is the list of produce for this week:

rainbow chard
savoy cabbage
nantes carrot
celery root
baby golden beets
baby black kale
snap peas
oro blanco grapefruit
navel oranges

Unfortunately, this list is a one-time thing. So if you are interested in the produce list as well as delicious seasonal recipes visit our blog:

Wishing you all the best,
The Auntie Em’s produce basket staff

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