Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 18 Produce List

Hello Everyone,

I just returned from a marvelous trip to Southern Oregon, the Applegate Valley to be specific, to visit a friend who is running a farm. We spent the whole week hiking on the property, looking at baby goats, pigs and lambs, and cooking humble yet delicious meals. I was extremely excited to see a ton of backwoodsy Oregonians hauling in pounds upon pounds of morel mushrooms. Unfortunately they were not selling to the public only to larger companies that were going to dry and sell the mushrooms to restaurants. I’m hoping that I can drive up to our mountains soon to find some of my very own. Mushrooms aside, here is the glorious spring produce list:

burgandy spring onions
fava beans
bloomsdale spinach
snap peas
red lettuce
spring garlic
english shelling peas
snap peas

Happy Cooking,

Giulia and Fabian, the Auntie Ems Market basket team

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