Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29th Produce list

This weeks produce boxes include...

Bell peppers
Summer Royal grapes
August Pearl White nectarines
Red Grape tomatoes
Dapple Dandy Pluots
Sugar Snap peas
Black kale
Heirloom tomatoes
Mixed wild mushrooms


  1. This bag is wonderful--i'm enjoying everything in it so far. Was wondering tho, as i'm mushroom-illiterate, what kind of mushrooms are in the little brown paper bag and how do i cook/eat these? thanku!
    Henny Liem

  2. Although I am not very mushroom literate myself,(and please correct me if I'm wrong) after some research I believe the mixed wild mushrooms are white crimini mushrooms of different ages (species: agaricus bisporus), including button mushrooms, the darker skinned small portobellos , and the trumpet-like chanterelles. The crimini mushrooms are the most common culinary mushroom in the U.S., and go by many names such as white, button, or table mushroom. These mushrooms have a closed cap, and when they mature the caps tend to open up. The darker strain of the crimini mushrooms with caps that are beginning to open are called portobellos. Check out this link for a more thorough explanation: .

    These mushrooms are all great sauteed, breaded and fried, or grilled with some oil. Garlic and onion pairs flawlessly, and if you are a little ambitious, they make amazing souffles, quiches, omelettes, risottos, etc. The portobellos are often stuffed with herbs and cheese before being baked or grilled. Cut them up to get more mileage, they are extremely flavorful and can be a topping to most dishes, even garlic toast.

    I hope that's a decent starting point. I will post a recipe as well.

    happy cooking!