Monday, May 6, 2013

Week of 05/06


Here is your list:

Blue Kale
Rainbow Chard
Green Chard
Spring Onions
Red Leaf Lettuce

Here is a little light reading on Cherries:
Life isn’t a bowl of cherries…so why limit yourself to enjoying California Cherries that way? Read on, and discover the world of possibilities beyond the bowl!
  • Freeze fresh California Cherries and enjoy them lightly frozen, or serve them as treats after your kids’ sporting event.
    Wash & Dry, Freeze, Thaw
  • Serve 2-3 California Cherries on a cocktail skewer in a Lemon Drop martini, adding a touch of sweet to a sour drink.
  • Pit some California Cherries and slice them into lettuce salads with Gorgonzola cheese, for a color - and flavor - combination that can’t be beat.
  • Dip fresh California Cherries into chocolate sauce, freeze on wax paper, then defrost lightly to serve as a cool summer dessert.
  • Cherries are perfect in fresh fruit salads. De-stem and take out the pit for an unusually fun fruit in salads. Cherries are best paired with melons, tree fruit and pineapple as a complimentary flavor!

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