Monday, January 18, 2010

produce list for 1/11/18

Red Kale
Mustard Greens
China Rose Radishes
Bloomsdale Spinach
Brown Onions
White Satin Carrots
Romenesco Cauliflower
Golden Beets
Oro Blanco Grapefruit

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  1. Here is some of the things we did with the wonderful produce we received in week 1/11/10. We hope that others will post some of what they did so we can all learn new and tasty ways to enjoy the baskets!

    Daikon Fettucini with Tomato-Basil Sauce - Based on a Masaharu Morimoto Recipe we found on-line

    Daikon (Auntie Em's Basket)
    Brown Onions (Auntie Ems Basket)
    Garlic(Auntie Ems Basket)
    Basil (Trader Joe's)
    Plumb Tomatoes (Trader Joe's)
    Salt & Pepper
    Olive Oil (Italy) We're trying to find good cooking Extra Vrigin Olive Oil from California - it seems to all be tasting oil - Anyone have a good local source?
    We didn't add any sugar, couldn't think of how that would make it better. It was amazing! We've never had Daikon, nor would we ever have bought it before. Thanks!

    Romenesco Cauliflower (Auntie Em's Basket)
    We've seen this before but never bought it. We love it's flavor, more subtle than white cauliflower and so fun to look at!
    Roasted with Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper

    Oro Blanco Grapefruit (Auntie Em's Basket)
    halved and eaten at breakfast - it was so amazing, I'm thrilled with this!