Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the chicks are growing!

our baby chicks are now two months old. the are so much bigger! they grow so fast. they live full time in their beautiful coop that my good friend jimmy hole built. i thought that they needed to stay in the house in their box longer, but when ming ming (the white and yellow one) flew out of her box and the dogs cornered her i knew it was time to make the move to their new home in the yard. they sleep in the coop at night and during the day they peck around and eat bugs and vegetable scraps that we give them. when they first made the move to their new home they were not eating the veggie scraps that i was giving them. i took a couple of days and they finally figured it out. their favorite things are over ripe bananas, pincher bugs, pill bugs and ants. they dont like grapes or apples yet. they eat so much of the leftover veggie scraps that i dont have any left for the compost heap. its amazing. they are just getting to the point where they dont run away and hide when we go into the coop. i have made a habit of saying "hello girls" to them every time i go in, and giving them their veggies. they are starting to associate my voice with treats. they all have names now; ming ming, hattiet, diamond, lucille, and dotty. the grey chicken (harriet) is the leader of the bunch. she is the most friendly, always the first to investigate new food and she will actually eat out of our hands now. they are about 4 months away from laying eggs. they still are not roosting at night on the stick that jimmy put in the coop for them. they all huddle together in a corner. im sure it is because they are still keeping each other warm. the biggest challenge so for is dealing with the predators. the other day we drove away and saw two feral cats on top of the coop. the coop is very predator proof so far.
lucille (red) and harriet

the penthouse

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