Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Produce List for the Week of July 29th


Here is your list for this week....

Crook Neck Squash
Lebanese Squash
Lemon Cucumbers
Red Pepper
White Pepper
Jalapeño Pepper
Flame Grapes
Green Grapes (Thompsons)
Owen T. Plum (BIG Dark & Sweet)
King Midas Plum (BIG Yellowish & Awesome!)
Flavor Grenade Pluot (One of our favorites, shaped like a football, orange and green in color)
Flavor Queen Pluot (Hard Green, another favorite)
Candy Pearl White Nectarine (These will be ripe & ungodly sweet)
Sweet Dream Yellow Peaches (Beautiful YP)

Now I know that you opened your basket and picked up the lemon looking vegetable and thought "How in the world do I use this thing?"!  Well, stress no more... here is some information on the Lemon Cucumber:

(picture courtesy of whiteonricecouple.com)


The Lemon cucumber is a spherical, oval-shaped broad fruit that grows two to three inches in length. Changing color as it matures, its early, lemon-yellow color turns a golden yellow as it ripens. The mild, pleasant taste is complemented by a cool, crisp texture. Resembling a lemon in appearance, the flavor is more delicately sweet and less acidic than the common green cucumber. Similar to a kiwi, Lemon cucumber skin has tiny bristles that are edible but may be easily removed. 


Lemon cucumbers are most often used in raw preparations but may also be cooked or pickled. Use in fresh green salads, or juice into cocktails, agua frescas and smoothies. Pair with tomatoes, summer squash, carrots, other cucumber varieties, fresh herbs and cheeses, citrus, olives, vinegar. Rinse thoroughly and seed if desired. Rub with a dry kitchen towel to remove bristles. 


Happy Cooking everyone!


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